When you sign up to be part of Carolina Winter League, we make sure that we provide you the necessary items to help you succeed at becoming a professional player and getting signed.

What you will receive:


  • We will provide you face to face audience with managers, coaches, GM’s, Personnel directors and scouts from Independent leagues and MLB.
  • We will provide you the expertise, knowledge and understanding of how and what it takes to play at the professional level.
  • We will provide you one on one training when required.
  • We will provide weeks of training to improve your skills.
  • We will provide you staff, managers and coaches that will break down the technical and fundamentals so that you can understand and implement them efficiently time after time.
  • We will provide you the opportunity to be signed by teams and leagues

Carolina Winter League Player Cost:


Player Fees:  $3,300 Player Fees


Without Meals and lodging: $2,300 Player Fees

(Save $1000.00 off of regular pricing)


Professional Experience Fee:  $2,500 Professional Experience Fee

(Save $800 off regular pricing for players that have played in professional USA Independent Leagues or MLB.)


SDFORCE Player Fee:  $2,500 (Save $800.00 off of regular pricing if you have played for the San Diego Force Organization)


Returning MBWL Player Fee:  $2,000 (Save $1,300.00 off of regular pricing if you have played for the Myrtle Beach Winter League)


Discounts Available:

  • $100 discount for every player you personally refer that pays in full (pay for your winter league cost)
  • $300 discount if paid in full by July 1st
  • $200 discount if paid in full by September 1st
  • $100 discount if paid by October 1st Deposit
    • Discounts will be applied retroactively after payment is made. Refunds will come from the front office.


Minimum $1,000 deposit is required at the time the player registration is made.  If a deposit is not received with the player registration a roster spot well not be held for the player and no discounts will apply.


Refunds: The CWL has limited roster spots available to provide quality, professionalism and integrity to the success of the league for the players. The registration and payment guarantees the player a roster spot In the Carolina Winter league. (CWL)  The league has financial commitments that are paid on behalf of the players to all of its vendors, suppliers, hoteliers and other commitments to help assure the success of the league.


Managers, coaches, guest speakers, items provided, products and schedules can change at any time without warning or notice. Player signings that have been listed on the website may have been signed by Carolina Winter league, staff, managers, coaches, player personnel, General Managers and third party representatives associated with Carolina Winter League. Carolina winter league its staff, managers and coaches cannot guarantee that you will be signed to play professional baseball. Carolina winter league provides instructional and informative training on playing professional baseball. It provides players the opportunity to improve and showcase their skills.


The Individual, company, or third party regardless of who makes, submits, or pays the payment/paying for the player winter league fees agree that there are absolutely no refunds. All fees paid are earned. No refunds will issued for any reason. The CWL will not acknowledge refund requests, authorize, grant or issue refunds of any kind in cash or monetary value, regardless of the player's  personnel feelings of their own performance, quitting, signing up for another league, injury, weather, acts of god, Federal, State, or local government actions, third party evaluations, or the player's personal opinion or claims against  the CWL. The payment is specifically for the opportunity to attend and participate in CWL.  The payment does not promise, commit, guarantee, represent or approve the player to a contract with any team or league at the completion of the CWL. If a player is unable to attend you will be provided credit for the following year.


 If Carolina Winter League cancels the winter ball league players that have paid will receive a full refund. Player’s refunds will be made no later than 45 days after notification of winter league was cancelled.


Payments: All payment to be made by credit card, USA money order, cashier check, by check or bank wire. If paying other than by credit card and mailing payment in, please notify League office for tracking purposes.


Payment plans: If you have any questions about Winter League or a payment plan please send an email or call the league offices requesting a payment plan.  A staff member from financing will call you to provide you with information and forms.  We are always glad to answer any questions and to help you through the process.


Guarantee: The CWL is an instructional league that provides players the opportunity to improve their skills, fundamentals, knowledge, the understanding of the game, to provide players the opportunity to be seen and signed by teams. There is absolutely no guarantee that players will be signed to play professional baseball. Many factors go into that decision if a player gets signed, one being the talent of the player. There are many more factors as well. This payment is specifically for the opportunity to participate in CWL and does not guarantee, represent the player a contract with any team or league at the completion of the CWL.


Have Questions?

Please call 619-723-0671 or email us at:

What's Included?

Player Fees Cover:


  • Accommodations  from January 10 – February 9
  • Two Meals per day – breakfast, lunch, and some team dinners
  • Pick up and drop off from Myrtle Beach airport to hotel
  • Local transportation to training facilities for entire length of league
  • Turf fields/Grass field
  • Baseball 101 Seminars
  • Guest speakers
  • Speed training
  • Agility Training
  • Yoga
  • Endurance Dance
  • Trainer
  • Drinks, water and Gatorade
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Former MLB  players and coaches instructing players
  • Current Independent League managers looking to sign players.
  • Live games
  • Uniforms ( Jersey, Hat, Belt, Socks, Shorts, Shirt)
  • Equipment (Bats, Balls, Helmets)
  • Catchers gear  provided
  • Uniform Laundry facilities
  • Gym membership
  • Hitting/cage
  • Discounts on Gloves, shoes and baseball items


-At the conclusion of Winter league a banquet is held to announce signings of players that have been signed to professional contracts, recognize players for their outstanding achievements at Winter ball and present Players awards.

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