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Carolina Winter League On The Move

by S. Taylor


Carolina Winter league continues to improve and hand select their coaching staff with the signing of Ryan Parent, Joe Winks, Dave Hilton and Bart Zeller.  It is apparent the front office is looking for coaches that are advocates of helping players succeed and looking for coaches that want to coach instead of just having a winter job.


Speaking with The Director of the League, Michael  King  it became very apparent that he is looking for the best staff that will truly help players succeed and will take the individual time to work with them, guide them and provide advice that will help them succeed in playing professional baseball.  As Michael says, "Anyone can help or sign a player that’s has all the tools, the player that fits in to the typical baseball players mold, you could do that blind folded, but it takes a lot of skills, knowledge and the willingness to help those players that don’t get drafted, signed, that don't fit in the baseball mold, don’t throw 95, don't hit bombs, a little slow, not the right height etc. Those players need help by sincere coaches, staff that will be honest with them, work with them provide them the tools, knowledge and the relentless  support from the staff to help them get signed.  There are a lot of good solid players that get over looked, they just need the opportunity and someone to help them and to believe in them."


Player Signings


Even though Winter League is over the staff continues to work hard on getting players signed to play professional baseball.  There are still teams looking to sign players in all the leagues.  This is the most difficult time of the year to sign players since MLB is releasing players form spring training and affiliated ball.  We are fortunate since we have the ability to sign players for several teams and leagues.  We sign player’s year around.  We will be holding tryouts so check our website and keep up to date.


If you are looking to be signed or attended our winter league in 2016 contact our office. We will be glad to answer all of your question.





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